Saturday, January 23, 2010

JV, MR, ML, FR, NL Videos Of Your Tennis Strokes video clips

It is upside down, as I didn't know it mattered or would come out this way when I filmed it on my camera. I will film again in the near future. If you can rotate your computer's screen, you can view it properly. It is very informative to actually see yourself hit a tennis ball. Watch it numerous times and take note of your footwork and your racquet preparation-your start and finish. Take notice of your knees too.

Johnny and Mitchel - groundstrokes

Marcos- Groundstrokes

Marcos, Nick and Frank Serving

Marcos, Nick and Frank - Groundstrokes

Marcos- Groundstrokes

start below here for serve and service toss observation and instruction
See this video clip below on why and how to correctly hold the ball during the service toss.  Listen to what the pro here says about why holding the ball like a 'cup of joe' is important to not allowing your front shoulder to open too soon on your service motion.