Thursday, March 24, 2011

Our Volley In Pictures And Video - I Saw Some Need For Improvment Here, And Here's Some Help

Continental Grip ... Bevel 1 ... Eastern Grip Bevel - Right Side ... Left Side for lefties. We are using that same Eastern forehand grip for our backhand too ... we're using 2 different grips, so to simplify ... notice the circled area on the hand print ... its just a quick shift up or down from that circled point on your hand. The racquet angle you see in the pics below is the same no matter the height of the ball received.

Don't forget to lower your head with your racquet's head, and step forward to met the tennis ball. A little bit of looseness in the wrist, but increased pressure on your grip with your forefinger and thumb, same as with the serve. Keep your elbow firm, and lead with it and your front shoulder. We practice our volley, but every time we practice our serve we are using the same grip as we use for our volley and overhead. This grip is crucial to getting backspin on the ball, thus keeping the ball low as it bounces on our opponents side.

The Volley - A Short USPTR Video