Monday, February 22, 2010

FYI - A Place to Get Quick Physicals & A Local Tennis Store

A friendly reminder about your physicals and there need to be done before the first official day of practice. Up the Street from Paul VI is a Walgreen's Drug Store with a doctor's office. They can give you a physical without an appointment. Walk In. Its at Cuthbert and Haddon Ave, 856 869 7504 , and their Doc's hours are 8-730pm mon-fri. They take most major health insurers. Im sure its no more than $40.00. Call them, there may be one closer to yo
ur home.

There is one full sized/full service tennis racquet store in South Jersey, its called Everyone's Racquet in Mt Laurel, NJ. If you so desire and may need a racquet and or shoes. Its another option to get good buying information, and from a highly informed salesperson. Their prices are reasonable. Steve is the owner, but Abe and JR are always there and much more in the know about tennis racquets than anyone you'll find at Dick's or Sports Authority. Their address is 127 Ark Rd. Mt Laurel NJ 08054 phone - 856 778 7223 -

I know I recommend two racquets, and the reasons are price, quality and the below characteristics. I did my searching for these recommendations with those traits in mind. But both recommended models ar
e a few years old, and Steve may not have either. With that said these are the characteristics that I want you to look for when buying a tennis racquet. You want a racquet that balances control with power. Often described as 'Tweener' tennis racquets, because they fall between power and control racquets.

1/ racquet weight : under 11 oz but over 10 oz - and that's with stringing

2/ 27 inches in length, 27.25 is alright ... not 27.5 ... no longbody racquets

3/ Head Size between 97 square inches and 102

4/ You want an even balanced racquet, that you could balance with your finger in the
middle ... see if you can sense the racquet's weight in the handle and head when doing
this. The racquets I first recommended have all the aforementioned characteristics.
They are both good intermediate racquets that you can grow with for a few years,
without breaking the bank. Both racquets have a good balance of control and power,
and compliment the teaching and strokes your learning.

5/ Steve has used racquets for sale also and offers demo racquets too take and try.

I want you to be educated about your tool, your tennis racquet. Know your racquet and love your r
acquet and it will love you back. Your racquet shouldn't be in a cold place right now.

I want you to know your grip size and get a new grip for a new season. I'll be glad to help you put it on. I left all of you last year with the key point of having your grip change, between the Eastern and Continental, down pat. Remember the exercises that I gave you to practice the grip change during the off season. If your new don't worry about this point. Please think of any question or issue you or parents may have, write it down and at our Thursday meeting I'll be more than happy to answer it. I'll bring some racquets also.