Sunday, February 21, 2010

Good technique "How and Why Video" about working out YOUR CORE.

This is another You Tube core workout. I wanted to give you this as the trainer seen here gives you a great general overview of the who, what, why & how of a core workout. Take particular notice the to term "abdominal bracing," used and further described right at the beginning, such is an important term of technique in doing your core workout properly. Achieving balance and body control for maximum efficiency of the individual core exercise.

I think you can further educate yourself about the core workout by watching this video. Both videos seen here are good, but this one gives you a better overview, which is why i'm FYI'ing you here. One was with a tennis player and this is with a trainer. I think it greatly important and I want to cover all bases with this so you can get started and feel your succeeding.

Think of this, beyond tennis, if your not already working out in some way, I assure you one day you will be. Maybe it'll happen in your 20's in college and maybe your parents workout now. That said a core workout is a necessary compliment to any workout you'll ever do. So this is a good habit to start.

Today was the day we were waiting for, as I hope this weather has finally broke and warmth and the sun is close by. I hope you all enjoyed it and got outside.