Thursday, February 18, 2010

Reasonably Priced Tennis Racquet Recomendations

Head Liquidmetal 4 MID PLUS


Best Seller Offers good power without sacrificing control, along with a comfortable, dampened feel. Best suited to 3.5 to 5.0 players. 102 square inch head, 27.25" length, 10.7 ounces. TENNIS Magazine Editor's Choice

$64.95, Review, Feedback

Prince O3 Hybrid Hornet Midplus

Sale Offering more power, comfort and mobility than the Triple Threat Hornet racquets, the O3 Hybrid Hornet Mid Plus brings performance to the court for 3.0-5.0 level players. Features a standard length frame and open, 16/19 string pattern. TENNIS Magazine's Editor's Choice.

$99.00, Feedback

Both of these can be bought at even cheaper prices, used on Ebay, and if you know your grip size just make sure you find your exact number grip(there are 5 designated grip numbers) and you could purchase two sizes too small and then the racquet can be built up to your right grip size ... BUT the grip size can never be brought down.

Once again if any of you have any questions concerning necessary purchases please feel free to write and ask and I'd be glad to help. We had a great meeting today, and I'm getting excited. I'll see you all next thursday at 245 in the same room, but be in your gym clothes and ready.