Saturday, March 6, 2010

34 Reasons Tennis Is The Best Sport? Tennis Participation Is Growing !

Why tennis is the best sport? << click this sentence, after you read below

Jack Groppel, a noted expert on the science of sport, gives you 34 simple reasons, with noted research, on why you should play tennis and what are the physical and psychological benefits of doing so. This list of reasons is awesome, as anyone can see themselves in it. I think I may have noted some to you already.

I write these blog posts so you spent some time each day thinking about tennis. I feel the posts here serve an important function. I think they are all simple reads that will make you think, but most of all will have you mind right BEFORE you walk on the court. This has been our pre-season warm-up daily activity.

I hope some posts have been fun. A few weren't about tennis per say, and many were filled with instruction. I feel I had a good variety of relative topics and i'll try to continue that. I hope you enjoyed it, and I think that if you did well keeping with them that I'll see it on the court. I know I had fun writing them. I hope your parents enjoyed them and got a feel for what we'll be doing this season, which the longer I did this the more important I felt that point to be. If you or they have any suggestions on a topic or how I can make our blog better, I'd love to hear them.

I won't be adding as many articles once the season starts, as we'll have challenge match results and team match summaries to use for posts. All the information you've seen here will show up in our practices and matches as advice I'll remind you of, along with drills. Posts on doubles and singles strategies are coming this week, as we have challenge matches starting on Friday or Monday.

See you all Monday, from 255-525. You can feel the warmth coming. NO MORE SNOW!!! Please have your sweats, shorts and both running and tennis shoes. You can not play tennis in running shoes, as they have no side support. Of course your re-gripped and re-strung racquet. Be prepared, as I remember from my Boy Scout days, and as I've told you for many weeks now.

FYI - The NJSIAA has new requirements for coaches, due to recent litigation. This is a NJSIAA rule now. I have to take attendance everyday and hand that report in with a weekly lesson plan to our AD. I'll have notebook, and you'll sign-in and I'll then note the time you signed in, next to your name. We'll do this one by one. I actually like the idea, a record of your attendance helps me avoid any unforeseen problems.