Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ball Control And Intelligence

We had a pretty good practice today. Tomorrow we'll meet in that same classroom we've met in before. We should be done our short workout by 4pm, and if anyone wants to stay, I'll find a place to set up the tennis ball tree. I also want to go over any questions concerning tennis rules and scoring for those who are new. Everyone must think of one question to ask, concerning anything we've gone over thus far, here or on the courts. There you have it, so start thinking.

I did want to have a Saturday session for some of you, but there is a 70% chance of rain. We've only gotten to practice for a few days and we need a bit more work, before challenge matches start on Monday. This is a tad frustrating.

This is a short clip on 'ball control,' defined by two USPTA master professionals. You'll hear the term we used yesterday, 'balance' and you'll hear 'spacing' and 'contact point. The second gentlemen you'll hear will surmise many of the key points I've noted on our blog.

Here are two of my favorite quotes from "The Tennis Lover's Book Of Wisdom." Both are related to ball control. I also used a quote that I heard once, but I don't know who to credit it to.

"Start with steadiness and smarts and then add aggression and power."
Arthur Ashe

"Before you learn tactics, learn ball control."
Pancho Segura

"Its hard to be a smart tennis player, if your not smart."

Remember the famous "A sound mind lives in a sound body," quote as I'll continue to challenge each one of you physically and mentally ... to be better than maybe you think your capable of. This approach has positives that I feel go beyond the here and now and beyond the tennis court.

Everyone on our team is quite smart, and I'm very proud of that fact. As its a joy to be around such intelligence. I feel we play a sport that requires and attracts intelligent people. This is part of the reason I give you such information here. Tennis is the most heady of sports. I've actually always believed, if you've read the '34 Reasons,' that playing this sport can enhance your intelligence.

When was the last time you heard of a professional tennis player have any of the off court problems and fiascoes that you see from individuals in many of the other professional sports. Can you name one? Could this be the an indicator of some smart people.