Sunday, March 28, 2010

BACKSPIN - The Volley & Continential Grip - Click On Article Below

It oh so easy to have, hold and hit the forehand or backhand volley with the continental grip. Your volley will stay low and you'll force your opponent to hit up, typically from below the net. This will then give you(singles) or your partner(doubles) an easier return shot, closer to the net, from which you can then hit that ball down. In a nutshell, that's the simple essence of what doubles is about. You want your opponents to hit up so you and your partner can hit the next ball down. If the ball sits up, typical of those volleying in the Eastern Grip, your opponent(s) have more time and options when hitting the ball.

You can't get backspin with the Eastern Forehand Grip. See the backspin piece below. Backspin is only accessible to you by volleying with that Continental grip. Wherein the racquet face becomes slightly open at contact, by the way you hold the racquet. This is what the Continental grip affords you for the volley. You'll see the diagram in the picture below where the racquet's face is slightly open. See the practice exercises also, you could do them in your room. No need for a court.

The old tennis picture is from that same first day of tennis at the White House in 1922. It goes with the picture from the previous day's post.