Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Quick, Balanced And Controled Footwork Is Everything

The video clips seen here are about footwork and tennis. Pay specific attention to the "term adjustment steps." Hear in the one clip how many small adjustment steps most club players use to get proper spacing before they plant and then strike the tennis ball. Think about how your footwork relates to tracking the ball coming from the other side of the net. Brain and feet in synergy. Remember the fitness ladders I would put out everyday for us to practice those same small steps. One had smaller steps than the other. There was a reason for that.

The picture here is of the "ball of a foot." Where the pad is. The fitness ladder forces us to be on them while isolating these small steps.
We often use the "Balls Of Our Feet," to make those little adjustment steps. The fitness ladder is an invaluable tool that I use for the majority of my teaching, as it aids in quickness and strength. I suspect most coaches in a variety of sports use fitness ladders for the same reason. It all starts with the feet. See you all tomorrow, in that same classroom at 245. Please be in your sweats and ready to go