Monday, April 26, 2010

HOME Match Tomorrow Against Eastern - FEEL Vid Tip

I was wrong in my previous blog post we play at home tomorrow against Eastern. I want all of you to get out to the courts ASAP 240 tomorrow, as we haven't played in a few days. I want to take the 7 varsity and go through a quick 15 min warm up starting with running the lines and service tosses, etc.

There a good team that can only make us better. Remember as I've told you before better competition makes you better. Walk out to those courts tomorrow with a chip on your shoulder and pretend to be a little cocky throughout the match and no matter what the score. Don't think about the score.

I'm excited as I'm certainly refreshed after a couple days off. I wish I was playing tomorrow, heck I always wish I was playing. With this coaching experience I appreciate playing that much more than I did when I was your age. I've learned from you guys that maybe I took that for granite once. So thanks for such a perspective.
Tomorrow think about FEELING a good ball come off your racquet, off its sweet spot, with a solid thud in your forearm. Feeling, Relaxation and Focus is VERY IMPORTANT tomorrow. Think about your fingertips and how they interact with the ball upon contact. Use such to channel your focus on something as simple as these senses. Don't forget the hearing of the ball come off the racquet.

Good Luck and I'll be there cheering you on. Play with heart! Play For Fun! Always PLAY without fear. The pictures are our weekend tourney stuff and our Haddon Township box score that Marcos had me worried about the other day.

FEEL Vid Tip