Sunday, April 25, 2010

We Can't Use The Gym Tomorrow. They Are Re-Doing The Floor For Pauction This Weekend

I hope rain will not prevent us from playing Eastern on Tuesday, however I'm fearful that it will postpone that match also. These rain issues make me even more thankful that our doubles got some important match play yesterday. I hate these gaps as this is a sport done best and improved with as much consecutive practice as possible. As we stand now many of you may not have played since Friday.

I hope you can sense now why I may take practicing and isolating all the facets of tennis so important. So I hope to see you all on Tuesday and ready for the 240 bus to Eastern for our tennis match there. Please remember to bring your water bottles as I will have the big jug that you can fill them with.

Do use such free time to catch up on the blog videos and your studies. As I have stated here before I know and take great pride in how smart you all are. Remember your studies make you a thoughtful well rounded person that can surely lend itself to your thoughtful tennis game. Check the blog tomorrow for the next update.

Good Luck And God Bless,

Above Picture From Left - Nadal, Sampras, Agassi & Federer - Four Tennis Greats - at a recent charity tennis event - Hit For Haiti