Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Very Proud Of All Of You, EVERYONE Contributed

That was a great 3-2 win over the 11th ranked team in South Jersey (Courier Post, click this address and then Boys's Tennis for rankings)
or here in the future ... as ocassionally both pages are down for scores and boys high school tennis information

That was a great way to start the season, as I know you all have some pep in your step and want to continue to strive to be better. I know you can and I'll continue to encourage you to be better and do more than you think your capable of.

That win is representative of all the little things you do in practice. They all add up, and equal a win. "The little things make the big things happen." Its one part the running that you love, you get confidence from the increased dopamine production, i.e the runners' high.

Remember I stated this in one of my first blog posts that I hear some don't read. That aerobic foundation that was also talked about in the previous post video tip, is part and parcel to this same idea of confidence. Don't forget how your breathing functions when you get nervous.

Confidence is so important. We can hit many a fast serve or great backhand during practice without pressure, but to then feel the pressure of a match situation maybe we don't always hit so free and easy. Our muscles tighten up as we restrict our breathing. Everyone gets nervous, its natural, but we practiced all the little things in hopes that you all can push through that wall when you come to it at a crucial point in your match.

Chuck Noll, the coach of the 5 time Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers, once said, "Pressure is not knowing what the hill you are doing." I'm 100% confident that all of you know what your are doing during match play. We practiced all these little things in the same routine each day. Your muscle memory knew what to do. What's that Nike motto, "Just Do It." Well you all just did it.

I feel that short warm-up you did today, serve toss, return of serve, short court volleys and ground-strokes and full court cross-court forehands and backhands was part of your success today. That was something we surely wouldn't have had as much time for if we had school. So next time when they come to our place in a few weeks we'll have that luxury of a similar warm-up, while they'll be on the bus.

See you all tomorrow @230 for another short practice. Enjoy your well earned feeling of success, as I hope it made you hungry for more. Our goal of putting 2010 on your tennis banner and winning a round in the playoffs is well in sight, and I'll help you keep it there. Believe and visualize that all the good that happened today, with straight set wins at three spots, will happen again and again. We are a team, and you were all rock stars today !!!

Here is a short video clip on concentration by noted sports psychologist Jim Loehr. Tennis is such a great mental challenge, and concentration is at the center of such. It is important to be relaxed while striving for this higher level of focus in your tennis game.

I kept on thinking of this famous line from the great old school TV show, "Gomer Pyle," ... the whole bus ride home. Paul VI tennis will be doing a lot of this to their opponents this season ... watch this and then mimic it back to your parents and friends.