Monday, May 10, 2010

Overhead Vid Tip - Another Win And We Are Now 10-3 - And My 1st Five Guys Bugers Entry

We beat Triton today 5-0 behind solid performances from our singles spots. Terry had a tough first set before winning the 2nd 6-1, from a very game opponent, a freshman name Dylan Meyer who I'm sure we will see as a much better player next year. Our doubles tandems just do what they do best, as they are the backbone of our team.

Our JV all got to play and all won, which I'm very proud of and glad they could have such a positive experience. I love when such happens as we are a team and everyone contributes whether they are in the varsity line-up or not.

I feel a team is a collective energy and as the varsity is on the court I want the JV members to be along the fence line to support them. And not all hidden in the 3rd singles cove on the hill.

When the varsity is not on the court and the JV is, therein I want the varsity to stand by the court and support your PVI tennis brothers. I sincerely want this to happen. We are National Division champs and this is one way I want us to act like such.

I don't want a group of you to go over near the side entrance to the school and play wall ball, as I saw today. You all saw the Triton kids giving a good amount of support to their teammates. As Joe had me previously convinced that these kids were barbarians, and that wasn't the case at all.

We have another home match tomorrow against Delran and I'm going to make it a point to ask us to support each other by spreading out along the fence line and supporting your teammates while they play.

I've enclosed two videos here. You all know I LOVE FIVE GUYS BURGERS. Well here I post a video of our President Obama supporting what he thinks is a fantastic burger.

Its a really cool clip as you actually see the President place the order and pay for it with cash as I'm certain is a first for a sitting President. To show he is a true man of the people. Brian Williams, the NBC nightly news anchor does the interview and gets to enjoy Five Guys too.

I put this piece up here cause I read an article in the New York Times this weekend, wherein Phil Mickelson, who was trying to take over World Golf #1 from Tiger Woods, chose Five Guys to assist him in this effort.

This article I thought was hilarious. Phil ate there 5 days in a row, as a sort good luck charm to help him claim number one for the first time in his career. You SEE EVERYONE LOVES FIVE GUYS. The leader of the Free World and the 2nd best golfer on earth can't be wrong. Just click on the picture below to read of Phil's new love.

The 2nd video is an overhead tip that I've been working on with you already during practice. Specifically your overhead footwork, thus getting behind the ball before you step into your overhead.

Don't forget to keep your shoulders back during your overhead follow through, thus your head doesn't drop upon contact Relax you upper body, arms and wrists, in preparation, the same as you would with a serve. Never be afraid to simply place the overhead, rather than 'King Kong' it with no sense of direction or feel.

Don't be afraid of the reply shot of your overhead from your opponent(s). If you placed the overhead deep in the court it will be returned with a chance of an easier response by you. A short or soft volley or an even easier overhead will be your next shot. As your opponent(s) will be in a defensive position and may be far behind the baseline. Always adhere to our 75% power rule, and especially with the overhead!!!

See you all tomorrow and get to the courts right after school so we can have a short practice before the Delran match. Let's hope no rain.

President Obama @ Five Guys

Overhead Tip