Thursday, May 6, 2010


It is going to be a beautiful Friday for our Paul VI Fighting War Eagles Tennis Team. Today your going to wake up or in study hall and hopefully read this post, and say this is your day to be special. This is your day to take a stake in the title.

I'm 100% confident that we're going to be successful, as I only need think about the camaraderie and great fun of that bus ride home to know that we want to win for each other. We want to be focused the moment school ends and bond that looseness and pleasure of the bus ride home into a single mindedness when we prepare ourselves to take the court against Bishop Eustace.

That we are here as a team and not two individuals. That this is not a singles tournament but a team competition. Which I from moment one of this year was confident in our ability to become. Which I had a vision of and noted on this blog some 2 months ago. My vision may not have been assured at said moment but after we beat Seneca the first time it fully crystallized in my head. It was then when I felt an awesome energy when I walked on the bus after that win.

It didn't leave me one bit even after we lost to Seneca the other day. I was upset that we lost but I knew it wasn't the end of our story of a 2010 Olympic Conference National Division Title. That was a speed bump that seems miles away right now.
Heck I'm trying to figure out what we actually just did today, as the weirdness of the end of Terry's match does dance in my head. Or maybe it was the great pretzels that the Villari's brought, and the spicy brown mustard that the Cherokee coach let me barrow. Is it Christmas morning yet!!!

So on frank and donner and marcos and nick and blitzen ... and rudolph and mark ... well you get the picture. Now lets hope our Christmas in June comes in the form of Paul VI 2010 Tennis Jackets emblazoned with Olympic Conference National Division Champs ... for all the kids on our tennis team.

We have a lot to be grateful for with this opportunity today. This is a moment we must respect and grab hold of and not let go. To fight for every point in that hour and a half window of time when were on the court. To not let go of this moment till we've squeezed everything out of it. Don't let go of this precious time that you've arrived in, till you've left every piece of your competitive self there. That you know you done all you can to throw your last punch and hit your last forehand.

Love Always,

PS- Visualize your clairy of this moment and how relaxed and focus you feel right now. You can see the success you expect to soon achieve. Think these thoughts after you read this blog post and or on your walk towards your next class. There may be the noise of the hallway around you, but it almost seems quiet as your mind has shifted to this place just a few hours away.

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